Plant Variety Rights

“Hidde Koenraad is recognised as a key player in plant variety law”
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Plant variety law experts

Boekx Advocaten has particular expertise in Dutch national and European plant variety law.

Led by Hidde Koenraad, Boekx’s lawyers advise and litigate on a wide variety of matters in this area. In addition to issues concerning the entitlement to and validity of plant variety rights, Boekx has decades of experience in enforcing plant variety rights, if necessary through seizures and by conducting infringement proceedings, including over essentially derived varieties (EDVs).

Boekx also assist in drafting and negotiating various types of agreements, such as licensing, distribution, propagation, testing and breeding contracts. Furthermore, we assist clients in this sector with registering and managing their trademarks  in the Benelux, Europe and abroad.


Boekx represents both small companies and large multinationals in the ornamental, fruit, and vegetable sectors.


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